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Digital Tank Level Gauge and Alarm for 3 Tanks

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Square TL60S TL60 Digital Tank Level Gauge and Alarm

Round TL60R TL60 Digital Tank Level Gauge and Alarm

CE Certified for Europe

CE Certified

Waterproof front case


Operating Voltage:
9.5 - 33.0 VDC

Current Drain:
0.018 amps nominal

4 digit LCD, 5 levels of backlighting

Tank Level Display for Three Tanks

Tank Level Senders:
All popular American and/or European senders. Senders may be mixed (self-learning), such as GM, VDO, Teleflex, Faria, Centroid, Aerotech, Stewart-Warner, etc. The TL60 is manufactured to work with any standard resistance type level sender having the following resistance ranges: 0-30, 0-70, 0-90, 10-73, 10-180, 33-240, 40-250 ohms (and their reverse 30-0, 70-0, 90-0, 73-10, 180-10, 240-33, 250-40 ohms). The TL60 will actually also work with any non-standard resistive sender that varies from a minimum of 0 ohms to a maximum of 300 ohms or a maximum of 300 ohms to a minimum of 0 ohms. For example, a resistive sender that varies in resistance from 100 to 150 ohms would work. So would a sender that varies from 75 ohms to 25 ohms. The TL60 can also be ordered from the factory set to work with 4-20mA senders or 0-5V sender, as a special order item.

Data Output:
NMEA 0183 serial 4800 BAUD for each tank separately ($IIXDR sentence).

Built-in 85 dB audible alarm. Independent settable low and high level alarms for each tank.

External Alarm Output:
The NMEA 0183 data output terminal may be programmed as an external alarm output

2.5" dia X 4.1" deep (61mm x 104mm)

2-1/8" (55mm) round hole


The TL60 Digital Tank Level Gauge provides an accurate digital display for three tanks. Level can be displayed in liters/gallons or percent (0-100%) up to 999 and as a percentage (0-100%) up to 6500 liters/gallons.

The TL60 "learns" your tank shape and sender errors and provides a display accurate to +/- 2%. It is compatible with popular level senders made by VDO, Teleflex, Mercury, GM, Stewart-Warner, Centroid, Aero-Tec and others and automatically learns both American and European style senders (senders available seperately).

Low and High Level alarms can be set for each tank independently. When activated, the built-in 85 dB alarm will sound and the display will flash.

Five levels of backlighting can be selected and all set-up, calibration constants, alarm values, tank and sender characteristics are saved in a non-volatile memory.

An external alarm output or NMEA 0183 digital serial data output can be programmed.

All constants and calibrations are pre-set during manufacture but you may alter these settings to suit your particular needs. Calibrations can be altered over a wide range using the front-panel switches. All information is automatically saved to non-volatile memory.

With a press of the button you can display liquid levels for three tanks.

The TL60 draws only 0.017 amps and 5 levels of backlight (including OFF) can be selected from the front panel.

The TL60 outputs tank levels on the standard NMEA 0183 serial data line at 4800 BAUD. This ASCII information can be used to log performance or repeat the display information at a remote location on the CruzPro RP60, RP110 and MaxRp110 data repeaters (see www.cruzpro.com/rp60.html, www.cruzpro.com/rp110.html and www.cruzpro.com/maxrp110.html). If NMEA 0183 serial data is not required, then the output terminal can be programmed as an external alarm output pin.

TL60 Connection Diagram

TL60 Connection Diagram

Connecting the CruzPro ER-1 External Relay module to the NMEA 0183/External Alarm Output

Click here to go to ER-1 page
ER-1 External Relay Connection Diagram

Using the TL60 with capacitive senders such as the Centroid 3-wire 10-180 ohm or 33-240 ohm senders. Detailed instructions on setting up the Centroid capacitive senders to work with electronic tank level gauges such as the CruzPro FU60, TL55, TL60 and F60 Click here

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